Busty Beauty Salma Hayek, graced the November 2008 Elle Magazine issue.
Salma wore a curve hugging brown outfit in that pic.

Here's the few threads of the interview of Salma to Elle magazine.

ELLE: Is your career path one that younger actresses might emulate—directing and producing so you’re not at the mercy of others?
SH: Everyone has to find their own path, but this worked for me. I survived Hollywood—not only survived it but reinvented it for myself. Nobody thought I was going to last this long!
ELLE: After Frida, did you have the sense that Hollywood looked at you as a woman with power?
SH: I think people developed a different kind of respect for me. That doesn’t mean it made me more powerful. Power in this town is really relative. I’ve seen people who think they have power, and it lasts one year. I was powerful when I first arrived here and didn’t even have a green card because I had taken the step to continue to grow and learn.
ELLE: Growing up, were you inspired by any American movies?

SH: One that made me love all this was Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. I realized there was a place where you could make rivers out of chocolate and you could chew gum and fly. A place where you could take reality and bend it, turn it into anything you can imagine.source

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