Blake Lively, explored her sexy legs and cute chesticles with the perfect expression of her fashion sense in the December issue of Marie Claire.This issue hits news stands on November 10th.

Here are some of the highlights from the interview in the magazine.

On one of the remarkable things about you is your ability to imagine yourself in situations that are much bleaker than what you’ve experienced in your own life. As a character, I get to be this wild, outgoing person that I’m so not. I think it all comes from being the youngest of five. I was always observing my siblings and hearing stories about their lives that turned out to to be helpful as an actress.

Do you think of yourself as Southern, even though you grew up in L.A.? I grew up in L.A., but I was the only one in my family born there. I have a tight-knit Southern family, so whenever I tell people I’m from L.A., they say, “Yeah but you don’t count,” I guess because of the Southern values I was raised with , and the way I eat – the more sugary and cheesy and fried, the better.

The way you dress is so bold. You seem very comfortable with yourself right now. Living in New York, I feel stronger and more like a woman than ever before. In high school, it was like, what power do I have – I have long blonde hair, you know? But working as hard as I do now, I feel a sense of power and respect, too. And I’ve learned an incredible amount about fashion on Gossip Girl. Clothes are a personal expression, and my style is as ever-changing as I am: I’m growing, maturing, developing, I’m going through new things in my life, and with that, what I choose to wear changes. source

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