Famous celebrity photographer Ellen Von Unwerth got behind the lens for the latest series of ads for Swedish Absolut Vodka to present an original take on the campaign photos.
In the ad models Kate Beckinsale and Zooey Deschanel promoting the four new drinks – Absolut Bloody, the Absolut Cosmo, the Absolut Crush and the Absolut Tonic Twist.

The Absolut ads, which have the tagline “Every drink is an exceptional experience,” were debuted at last night’s party in NYC.

Kate Beckinsale looks terrific playing with fantastic images and posing in gorgeous gold two piece bikini kind of outfits. The gold link two piece for Absolute Crush is breathtaking though my favorite look is the white wig and green-and-white ensemble for the Absolut Tonic Twist ad.

in the another absolut ad Kate vamps her look that is for Absolut Bloody, donning a bright red floor sweeping gown and posing in the all red hall with a chandelier and the broken mirror. This is probably the sexiest Bloody Mary ad the world has ever seen.

The new Absolut Vodka ads will run in male-oriented magazines like Maxim, GQ, Details, Esquire and Sports Illustrated.

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