For Spring 2010, Marc used Lydia Hearst as his model of choice, but this season, it’s all about Candice Swanepoel. “I went with a friend to her casting for Marc, since I had finished all of my castings,” Candice said as she recounted the first time she and Marc met. “I was sitting and waiting for her and I heard their accents. I turned and said, ‘Are you South African?’ And they were like, ‘Yeah! Are you?’ They saw me and were like, ‘We gotta get you in a dress.’ So I tried the dress on and I started doing the show for him.”

For Marc it was model love at first sight. “I totally zeroed in on Candice and I asked her to try on things for me,” he said. “We’re pretty much from the same town. We totally connected on that level. The minute she put on the clothes and started walking I knew this girl was really special. I love the piercing blue eyes, the long blonde hair, the soft sexiness. To me there’s nothing more alluring. She has a kindness about her which is very present in everything that she does when she’s modeling.” source

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