Hayden Panettiere is ready in pink bikini to hit the beach on the cover of Self magazine’s March 2010 issue.

Inside the magazine, Heroes hottie tells about her true-life role in the documentary The Cove, where she joins a protest of whale and dolphin slaughter. Here’s what Hayden had to share:

On being a young celeb: “There’s an expectation for me to be the next Messed-Up Party Girl. But I just focus on living my life, being myself and doing what I love.”

On the beauty of exploring open waters: “You might get in water so deep that you hear a humpback whale singing, but you see absolutely nothing, just rays of light.”

On making a difference: “I left knowing I’m not going to let those dolphins die in vain. Their deaths will help show the world the big picture. I’ve also taken a lot of trips to D.C. and met with senators about the issue. I even met with Barack Obama, when he was campaigning. He said he grew up in Hawaii so dolphins and whales are very close to him. I knew I had two minutes to reel off what I wanted to get across. He was larger than live and so nice. Laws and politics—that’s where things change.”source

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